Who does kimberly locke dating

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Who does kimberly locke dating

“You’re traveling so much and you’re so busy that you really have to work hard at making time.

Police reports reveal that even before she married Paul Wainscoat in 2003, he called officers after accusing her of attacking him.

"One time my teacher seemed to think it was a problem that I colored all my people brown," Locke remembers.

"My mom was like, ' Well, she lives in a house with brown people! Her mother bought her sing-along records to the Get Along Gang, Rainbow Brite and the Care Bears.

Chow Tuesday night, with her trainer from the VH1 show, hardass Sgt. and it doesn't look like he's wearing a wedding ring.

TMZ caught the barely unrecognizable "American Idol" wannabeen attending a New Year's Eve party at Mr. Though a rep says the Sarge is still married to wife Sherry, he and Kimberley looked very close ...

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The end of their 18-year marriage was finalised last December, after she had filed for divorce in October 2013.