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Rule of 7 dating age

This is because 50 minus 7 is 43 and then doubled is 86.

For those of you who don't know, this is a rule that determines the minimum age of someone you can go out with. I am 23 and by this rule, the minimum age of girl I can go out with is 23/2 7 = 18.5.

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He was closer to 40 than I was to 30, and I felt like he’d inevitably want marriage and children much sooner than I would.

So, for the 50 year old the maximum socially acceptable age for dating someone is 86 years old.

I edited the data found in the csv file to compute the age pools of singles by considering that the "single person" category is the union of the categories "Married Spouse Absent", "Widowed", "Divorced", "Separated" and "Never Married".

When it comes to the appropriate age difference in a relationship, it is important to understand that there is a difference between what you might find acceptable in age gap dating as compared to society.

Technically by this rule I am not allowed to go out with anyone below 18 and a half (we'll round it down to 18 for simplicity ).

These celebrity couples have ignored the seven year love rule of never dating someone who is younger than half your age, plus seven years.

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Therefore, what I would call "the dating pool paradox" results from two factors that have inverse effects on the dating pool: Figures such as the ones said to exist in the comic can indeed be found on the interwebz:

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