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Kazuya dating

If you work with Japanese picture postcards as historical source material, you have probably noticed that most surviving cards lack postmarks and other temporal indicators.

Each one has its own charm and personality, so every gamer can find the right fighter for them.

The back is divided so that 1/3 of the space is reserved for a message, and 2/3 is reserved for the address.

The back is divided so that 1/2 of the space is reserved for a message, and 1/2 is reserved for the address.

Hmm the poor guy but Chisato is already in love with Kazuya so. Lol well i guess that now they do have a cheery blossom tree.

I love the recap that was introduced in the episode though as it allowed us to see what's going on so far. Though with his knowledge of Chisato Kazuya should know which answer to pick this time. Once Kazuya has the path figured out winning her affection will be easy. I guess given the situation they have to use every means to win the game.

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