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Discovering destiel discovering dating discovering delights

Once inside, Dean led them into the theater to sit down.

Castiel watched the movie beside Dean, and was confused that the actor in the movie was able to survive a number of injuries and situations that he was sure would kill even a man as amazing as Dean.

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Ferencz is the last Nuremberg prosecutor alive today.They both know the sacrifices that come with caring for others, but, over time, they learn what it means to want something for themselves. Dean, big-brother Castiel, and a whole lot of adorableness. Supporting characters include Gabriel, Anna, Sam, Ellen and Bobby - and one delightful appearance from Missouri Moseley. Dean never dreamt that he’d be convinced into attending a yoga class with him by the end of the evaluation.(Putting this in the canon rec AND the AU rec because it’s Dean Smith/Castiel Adler, and could technically fit into the It’s a Terrible Life! It’s only 6k but it’s worthy of being called slow build.Getting together isn’t dragged out (they get together before the halfway point) so there’s time to worry about Dean outing himself to his coworkers. Dean is about to go on a brutal diet and his boss (Cas) changes his mind… And I think Dean has a glass kink, what with all his enthusiasm for glass dildos. Sequel:» He’s Oh, So Healthy in His Body and His Mind2,800 words, NC-17Summary: Dean has a surprise for Cas, and gets surprised in return. He knows it’s a cliché and (as his brother just loves to point out) he might not need to go as often if he didn’t eat quite so much pie but man, the whole place just gives him the creeps. Don’t judge me.)This drew me in properly with all its decent portrayals of plumber-with-ambition smart! He was so close.​I loved this so much I made a post about it, and I’ll quote it here: ​[this fic] was for the prompt “Person A is a scientist who created person B” and Dean created Cas IN HIS DREAMS and he’s destroying himself trying to help him and IT’S SO INTELLIGENT AND WELL WRITTEN and my mind is reeling with new ideas about dreams and reality holy shit​​***** ★-» Dr Sexy, Eat Your Heart Out - noangelsinthegarrison1,600 words, G, AUSummary: Dean fucking hates the dentist.

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