Danielle american pickers dating mike

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Danielle american pickers dating mike

Born in Davenport, Iowa, Frank met Mike at Bettendorf High School.

Fritz has lived in the state almost all his life and Antique Archaeology, the business on which the show is based, is also headquartered in Le Claire, Iowa.

When Mike Wolfe bought his house in Leiper’s Fork, it might have been the first time in his long career as a “picker” that he didn’t try to negotiate the price.

Unlike most of the “rusty gold” he seeks out on his History Channel show, That’s not to say that the house was in perfect shape.

American Pickers on History stars the awesome trio of upcycling experts Mike Wolfe, office manager-turned picker Danielle Colby, and the secret sauce — fellow picker Frank Fritz.

Fritz is an even-tempered and friendly on-air personality, a self-described “modern day recycler” and antique collectible expert.

“He’s been dealing in antiques since the 70s and started buying property.

“Every inch of it needed paint, a lot of it needed flooring,” he says, but structurally, he saw the beauty in the details.

“When I looked at this house, within like five minutes I go, did Bill Powell build this house?

Fans of the show know that Frank is often teased by Wolfe about his love for his cats, his off-and-on dating life and his affinity for the “smalls”, collectibles that include antique toys, motorcycles, cars and really cool signs.

Danielle Colby also revealed in our recent exclusive interview that a lesser known fact about Frank was that “he loved his momma like Elvis did.

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