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If anyone does notice anything fishy on the site, please comment or contact me directly. I’m doing a HUGE Bookbub promo later today, so YOU, newly-lucky subscribers, get first dibs on the discount! ”), unquestioning acceptance of patently ridiculous mythological explanations of observable conditions, reliance on rules and dogma as a substitute for personal integrity and ethical morality, pronounced lack of empathy and compassion for “outsiders” or those marginalized by their society, unwillingness to entertain thoughts, opinions and feelings that do not comply with the accepted group tenets, mob mentality, genocide, homicide, torture, lynching, playground bullying, and passionately following pundits and TV/radio talk programs, particularly those of the “call-in” variety.“CCIs” typically get their marching orders from delusional idiots.“Apathetic Idiots,” also known as “couch potatoes,” comprise the “low-functioning” subcategory of ISD. It looked like it might have been made in the fifth century or even earlier. And death has many secrets to share.”I felt the hairs on my neck tickle at my shirt collar. Then I learned the folly of my ways and by hook and crook, I claimed my destiny.”Paul paced around the room, squinting hard at me.

The price of ebook version of The Book of Paul has been reduced from .99 to only 99 cents, which is what, the cost of a pack of gum? Some health issues (involving surgery, mismanagement of same, and ugly recovery road bumps). They often tend to have co-morbid diagnoses of CCI, yet are far less threatening because they lack the ambition, energy and initiative to actively comply with the combative directives of DIs or CCIs. “When this book was made, people didn’t pretend they were above the occasional murder,” he intoned, rubbing the thick leather binding like Aladdin rubbing the genie’s lamp. The bravest saints would know the rapture that awaited them when their final breath was torn away.

For all you Paul fans who want to make new baby Paul fans, it’s a great way to buy a really cheap present! Here’s where you can buy (and share the short links): Amazon: XBarnes & Noble: Ey0Ei Tunes: Bc Google Play: XFL5m I’ve been getting a lot of George R. Martin-style ribbing for the time it’s taking to finish the sequel to The Book of Paul, tentatively titled The Dead Mask. Some family issues (due to the complete lack of educational opportunities in the public and private school sectors, we have had to homeschool our brilliant but woefully underestimated autistic daughter). After the first three minutes she had learned everything she needed to know. After ten minutes she wished she had stuck to her guns and went for coffee instead. She poked at the lima beans in her Health Munch™ salad like she was trying to harpoon a whale. On the eleventh attempt she managed to spear one and felt a warm feeling of satisfaction that lasted all of two seconds before the fork tines made her think of The Striker. She was having a hard time keeping him out of her thoughts…and dreams. AIs tend toward LCD (Lowest Common Denominator) lifestyles that require the least amount of effort on their part in terms of physical labor, mental analysis and ethical behavior. “They didn’t put their noses up in the air each time someone lost their head. People would fill the public squares for a beheading. There wasn’t the slightest pretense we were any better than that.

Though the whole point of the app is to keep members' activities private, reports of which celebrities are using it have leaked out.So in thanks for your patience and support, here’s a chapter from The Dead Mask. I’ll get to that right after Duck Dynasty.”Interestingly, many, if not the majority of individuals (italics emphasized) diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) fail to exhibit symptoms of ISD, even though the label Idiot was once used as medical term defining those who were unable to effectively express themselves through spoken or written language. We pretend they don’t exist.”He paused and looked at me. And slaughterhouses and food factories that hide it. It was hard to select spoiler-proof pages for those who haven’t read The Book of Paul, but for those who have, this chapter should provide a wince and chuckle. So my dearest Emma, that’s my answer to the “why” question. “There once was a spiritual seeker who found a guru on the mountaintop. I’ll be posting a preview of The Dream Palace soon. As to what I think about autism: I believe it is a higher form of intelligence, and likely the next phase of human evolution. He couldn’t believe his good fortune and so he asked the question that had been burning in his heart: ‘Master,’ he asked, ‘What is the greatest mystery in life? She looked at the man across the table and realized she didn’t remember his name. Channel 11 was weak in the blue collar, black and Hispanic demos and since Della had debuted, they had picked up two full points in every category. From a distance, they gave her a mischievous sparkle. Jed loved them too, thinking that they made her look even sassier. While often classified as “high-functioning” (typically self-diagnosed), psychopaths and fascist leaders are prime examples of delusional idiots at the most extreme fringe of the spectrum. The first is by talking about it, which leads to no real comprehension.

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However, many community members with small Instagram followings seem to contradict this theory and the admittance algorithm remains a mystery.

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