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Antedating in patent law

Characterizing “January 2001” as vague and noting “Cuozzo would benefit with a later date of receipt of the preliminary report,” the Board assigned “the earliest day in January,” as the receipt a non-final, preliminary application which is filed before the patent office to claim priority.Early filing by the inventor prevents any other related inventions from becoming prior art to the inventor’s application.When an application is accompanied by a provisional specification, a complete specification should be filed within 12 months from the date of filing of provisional application.Therefore this application acts as a proof that the inventor had the concept and idea of the invention at the time of filing of provisional accompanied by a complete specification which is a techno-legal document.

Present-day American patent law still acknowledges that some parts of a patent claim may constitute "insignificant post-solution activity".

An international preliminary examination is conducted in this case.

The demand indicates the Contracting State or States in which the applicant intends to use the results of the international preliminary examination ("elected States").

CLS Bank the Supreme Court went back to the test of the Flook case.

, the first IPR final decision, the PTAB rejected the patent owner’s corroborating documents, declaration, and deposition testimony introduced to prove that he was first to invent the claimed speed limit indicator technology.

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Cuozzo sent prior to the critical date and signed by an otherwise unidentified witness.