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Here's a look at what Samsung has been up to lately.

com Score has released its latest chart showing which apps are the most used ones in the United States. mobile phone usage and, say, European one, is the fact that i Phone has significantly higher market share in the U. than it has in most other countries - over 40 percent according to one statistic.

Since the case began, Finland has changed its legislation and nowadays the access to accused pirate sites can be - and is - blocked by ISPs.

All three major ISPs in Finland block the access to official Pirate Bay site and users who wish to access the site must use one of the several proxy sites (or VPN) to do so.

WASHINGTON—In response to a decline in revenue from routes running between the two disparate planes of existence, Amtrak announced Friday that it plans to cancel the mysterious, mist-enshrouded trains offering late-night service into the darkest realms of the spirit.

TALLAHASSEE, FL—Noting the increasingly animated choreography and behavior of the characters on stage, sources at the Tallahassee Community Theatre reported Friday that this is apparently the kind of musical with a big number about putting on a show.

WASHINGTON—Saying the method yields positive results almost immediately, a coalition of leading therapists said Thursday that most of the personal issues people experience could be resolved if they would simply stop being so weird all the time.

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As the American mobile phone culture differs quite a lot from other Western countries, the chart is quite interesting one. However, the list is mostly full of non-surprises, as both Google and Facebook dominate the charts.

In Finland, the Helsinki district court has ruled that two of the three founders of The Pirate Bay must pay over 400'000 euros to music industry for making their copyrighted material available to public without permission.

The case dates back to 2011 when Finnish legislation stated that in order to stop a website that breached copyrights was to sue its owners.

IFPI Finland that represents Finnish and international music industry in Finland, sued three Pirate Bay founders, Fredrik Neij, Gottfrid Warg and Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi in 2011.

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